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Here are a few upcoming topics I’ll be covering:

Tips & tricks (newsletter only)

  • How to tell your clients “no” by saying “yes.”
  • How to handle making mistakes.

Upcoming blog posts

  • Are you overconfident? If you said “no,” I bet I can prove you wrong! This post will cover how to prevent the Overconfidence Effect from ruining your translations.
  • Are you comparing apples to oranges? Why highly experienced translators might not have the answers you’re seeking.
  • How much am I worth? How to set your rates.

Upcoming training sessions

  • Dragon NaturallySpeaking (San Diego): How to use dictation software to help you multitask, protect your body, and increase your productivity.

Upcoming events

  • Los Angeles Pow Wow, this Thursday, September 9 (
  • ATISDA luncheon, San Diego, October 3
  • ATISDA Networking Happy Hour, San Diego, Friday, September 25 (

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Author: Jenae Spry

Jenae has been a French > English translator for over 10 years and a productivity and performance coach for freelancers for over 5 years. Jenae launched the Success by Rx blog to help freelancers achieve success.

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