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Ever feel like you never get a chance to do what you love in your free time? Ever feel like there is no free time? You’re not alone.

It’s way too easy to fall into this trap. And each time you do manage to carve out a little bit of extra time here and there, you find it getting consumed with extra work, extra chores, extra errands, extra busyness.

If this pattern sounds familiar, try booking some free time into your schedule. Treat it like a business meeting or a deadline you have committed to.

If you use calendar programs to track your time and meetings, it’s easy enough to schedule an hour or two for an appointment devoted to whatever you wish you could do with more free time. If you use to-do lists, add in a few entries just for you.

If you prefer the structure of a fixed daily routine, make the scheduled free time a daily occurrence. A walk after your morning coffee. An hour to watch a favorite TV show each night. A standing appointment with your trainer over your lunch break.

You’ll get the satisfaction of completing an item on your to-do list or calendar, PLUS you’ll have time to unwind and recharge a bit. You might find this break to recharge gives you the mental strength to challenge your next goal in your business or find a way to solve a nagging problem.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some important free-time appointments to calendar.

Melissa Kamenjarin

Author: Melissa Kamenjarin

Melissa is a Success by Rx copywriter and Spanish/English translator, writer, editor and proofreader specializing in educational materials, health insurance, non-profits, and published fiction and non-fiction books, blogs and websites. Melissa is the Secretary and blog writer for ATISDA (Association of Translators and Interpreters in the San Diego Area). An American Translators Association (ATA) member, she is also the Copy Editor for the ATA Medical Division’s publication, Caduceus.

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