Marketing Yourself Like Chocolate

Every season, you will find a new holiday-relevant type of chocolate bar available for sale. In February, the bite-sized chocolate pieces are molded into the shape of a heart and covered in red and pink foil. By March, the chocolate pieces are in the shape of shamrocks and wear green foil. For Easter, those chocolate […]

Smart ways to work breaks into your work day

Now that you’re working for yourself, you can theoretically take breaks whenever you want. So why aren’t you? I know, I know. You’re too busy. You don’t have the time. You might miss out on the next project because you didn’t check your email. There’s too much email to take a break. There’s not enough […]

Book some free time into your schedule

Ever feel like you never get a chance to do what you love in your free time? Ever feel like there is no free time? You’re not alone. It’s way too easy to fall into this trap. And each time you do manage to carve out a little bit of extra time here and there, […]

Learn the potential perils – and possibilities – of business diversification

Is it time to diversify your business? You may be considering expanding what services you offer, but making that change is a serious commitment. Let Jenae Spry, founder of Success by Rx, share her experience with you in the following interview. Melissa Kamenjarin, Success by Rx Copywriter: Tell us about expanding the services, besides translation, […]

Breakup emails that land clients

Want an unconventional way to bring in clients? Try saying goodbye … and watch some of your potential clients turn into actual clients. If you have been talking to a client who suddenly stopped replying, you don’t really know what happened. There’s no resolution one way or the other. Did the prospective client find a […]

Time for a vacation!

You’ve got a pile of work – and more keeps coming in. It’s great that all your clients want your help, but you’ve been feeling burnt out and overwhelmed lately. You don’t want to turn down work. After all, don’t you have to get what you can while it’s available? But you haven’t taken a […]

Competitor or Colleague?

If you’re like most translators, you spend a lot of time alone. You need to be alone to concentrate, but then there’s the other isolating factor of the business. It’s generally freelance and done at home. So when you want to take a break and get some social interaction, you find yourself drawn to other […]

Accomplish More with the Micro-Progress Phenomenon

Have you ever checked something off your to-do list and then felt inspired to continue tackling items on the list? This phenomenon is known as micro-progress. The feeling of making progress – no matter how small – can help encourage to you become even more productive. Now imagine how productive you would be if your […]

Maybe You Don’t Need That Degree and Certification

What if you don’t need a fancy degree and certification to be an excellent translator or interpreter? It strikes those of us in the language professionals community as shocking – even heretical. It goes against what we’ve been taught. Without a degree or certification, you’re no different from any other bilingual person, right? But maybe […]