Resources & Apps

Resources & Apps

Shoeboxed: Available for Apple or Android. Organize receipts and mileage right from your phone.

Google Calendar: Works with Apple or Android and web-based. Syncs with a variety of other calendars as well.

Quick Signature: Available for Apple. Use it to create e-mail templates and send them on the go from your phone.

QuickBooks: Available for Apple or Android and web-based. I use QuickBooks online for invoicing and expense tracking.

Toggl: Timer available for Apple or Android and web-based.


Linguee: Search terms and view them in context from a variety of bilingual websites in several languages.

Canadian, British and American Spelling: Check spelling conventions for each locale.

Termium: Dictionary (especially good for technical terms) for French, Spanish, and Portuguese provided by the Canadian Translation Bureau.

List of medical abbreviations: Available in 8 languages.

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  1. Hi, Thanks for these tips! I can also recommend TermWiki for Term research. I think they also have an app called Stepes where you can get translation jobs/do the invoicing etc.

  2. Hi!
    I found word reference very helpful, as well as collins dictionary online, cambridge dictionary online, merrian webster (both dictionary and thesaurus). Sometimes the perfect word just takes a while to pop in your brain so these are good resources.

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